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  • TaylorMade Golf Company Unveils M1
    Following more than two decades of advanced research and development, TaylorMade Golf, makers of the No. 1 driver in golf, have de

  • The latest drivers, some cool putters and utility irons
    Nike Vapor Flex $950 Distance is Nike’s new mantra for their new Vapor range of drivers. The launch of the Vapor Flex signals Ni

  • The Better Pair
    Ogio M13184 RACE $189 Fast, Refined, Clean Lines, Traction Control, Exotic Leather, Customizable…No we are not describing the ca

  • Cobra Puma Golf Unveils the Fly-Z Driver Family and TITANTOUR
    On the 5th of February 2015, COBRA Golf showcased the latest in adjustable weight technology with the FLY-Z+ Driver which features

  • Nike Golf unveiled Nike Vapor Driver to SE Asian market and Apparel Collection for Spring/Summer 2015
    Mr. Ben Lewis, General Manager of Nike Golf SE Asia/Pacific, recently host some interesting events to introduce Nike Golf product
TaylorMade Golf Company Unveils M1

Following more than two decades of advanced research and development, TaylorMade Golf, makers of the No. 1 driver in golf, have developed a multi-material combination of titanium and a seven-layer carbon composite to unlock their longest driver and most fittable product line in company history, M1™. In M1, engineers have created a line of drivers, fairways and Rescue® clubs designed to provide golfers with more distance, forgiveness and playability in TaylorMade’s first-ever “unmetalwood” family.

“At TaylorMade, we always pride ourselves on improving our metalwood performance and distance each year,” said Brian Bazzel, Senior Director of Product Creation. “With the constant advances in titanium technology, we found ourselves at a crossroads, one where the R15 was almost unbeatable. We have an allegiance to performance and we were willing to use whatever material or construction necessary to deliver it. I believe the new M1 is a true reflection of our dedication to improving golfers through innovative designs.”

Every golfer’s swing is unique, and as the industry leader in product innovation, TaylorMade answered the challenge in delivering more performance to players of all skill levels with the introduction of M1 and its multi-material construction (driver and fairway); delivering more speed, high launch, low spin, and increased forgiveness.

Multi-Material Construction

In M1 driver, TaylorMade engineers created a revolutionary carbon composite crown design that resulted in a significant decrease in overall club weight and allowed engineers to lower the CG and add a revolutionary T-Track system that houses 25g of adjustable weight, enabling the golfer to personalize their driver more than with any product before. TaylorMade’s research and development team’s internal acoustic management techniques have led to the M1 driver’s best in class sound, which has been meticulously crafted to control vibration and pitch at impact.

M1 has an incredibly low CG, lower than R15 in fact, which essentially projects at center face and increases the energy transfer at impact. Because the CG has been lowered to such an effective location, M1 provides golfers with the option to shift it back to increase MOI without compromising ideal launch conditions, which results in high launch, low spin, more ball speed.

T-Track System

With the savings in discretionary weight from the seven-layer carbon composite crown, TaylorMade was able to introduce its revolutionary new T-Track system; one essential key to the M1’s fitting performance. The M1 Driver features one 15g moveable weight in the Front Track, sliding from heel to toe, allowing golfers to adjust their draw or fade bias by up to 25 yards. Similarly, the Back Track on the M1 Driver allows the golfer 10g of moveable weight, sliding from front to back, permitting up to 300rpm of backspin and 0.8 degree in launch angle adjustment. The entire T-Track system has been placed low on the sole, so regardless of moveable weight positions, the club still maintains a low center of gravity to deliver optimal trajectory. 

Previous drivers have allowed golfers to move weight from left to right and others from front to back, but with M1, golfers have the ability to adjust their fade or draw, while simultaneously personalizing their spin and forgiveness settings with the back track. Ball flight and trajectory are ultimately improved so that golfers can control their tee shots like never before with these precise, personalized specifications. With a plethora of possible fitting combinations, the M1 driver is TaylorMade’s most fittable driver to date.


Design Aesthetics

Designed and built to be the best performing golf products in the world, M1’s engineers also sought the perfect blend of form and function in the club’s aesthetics and club alignment. The endeavor brought forward the authenticity of the club’s materials in a way that produced the most effective, visually appealing alignment system of any TaylorMade product to date. The combination of the black face, white forward section and composite rear of the M1’s crown is not only visually attractive, but provides golfers with a confidence-inspiring alignment aid at address.



The multi-material construction of the M1 driver not only unlocks TaylorMade’s longest driver, but it also opens the door to unrivaled performance personalization. The 12 position loft sleeve provides up to four degrees of loft adjustment, the T-Track can be set for more/less draw/fade and higher/lower trajectory, all combined with a choice of tour-proven, premium aftermarket shaft offerings. Having partnered with many of the industry’s leading shaft manufacturers, helps to deliver golfers an unparalleled array of options to completely dial in and personalize the M1.


Options and Availability

M1 driver will be available starting 8 October. For Asian specs, M1 460 is available in three lofts –9.5°, 10.5° and 12°, and M1 430 is only available in 10.5° loft, equipped within premium aftermarket shafts by Graphite Design and TaylorMade high-traction grip. 

For Global spec, the premium stock shaft offering includes: a mid/high-flighted Fujikura Pro 60 and mid-flight Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 60. 25 additional custom TP shafts are also available through Tuned Performance Fitting.  The M1 driver is retailing at street price SGD $679. The M1 Tour Preferred Driver is retailing at street price SGD $899.


M1 Fairway

Complementing the M1 driver is the M1 fairway, the company’s first multi-material designed fairway, designed to be the company’s most adjustable fairway to date. Featuring the same Front Track system as the M1 driver, the M1 fairway utilizes two 15g tungsten weights that can slide easily to promote a draw or fade using the TaylorMade torque wrench. The carbon composite crown allowed for 30g of total moveable weight, 5g more than in the R15 fairway. Having two 15g weights also allows for the golfer to split them, thus increasing the clubs’ inertia and ultimately, protecting ball speed on mis-hits. The front track of the M1 fairway also features a reduced channel to improve turf-to-sole interaction. The M1 fairway is equipped with a four degree loft sleeve, which allows for a two degree increase or decrease in loft.


Options and Availability 

M1 Rescue will be available starting 8 October. For Asian specs, M1 rescue is offered in three lofts #3-19°, #4-21°, and #5-24°, each equipped with the TM5-115 Mitsubishi Rayon graphite shaft (S and R flexes) and TaylorMade high-traction grip. For Global spec, the stock shaft option is a Fujikura Pro 80h shaft in (S, R flexes). The M1 rescue is retailing at street price SGD $349.

For more information, visit

The latest drivers, some cool putters and utility irons

Nike Vapor Flex


Distance is Nike’s new mantra for their new Vapor range of drivers. The launch of the Vapor Flex signals Nike Golf engineers’ ability to now deliver distance and precision tuning for shot shape and trajectory. Building on Nike’s three key distance technologies, the Vapor Flex now incorporates the new FlexFlight system. 

  • FlyBeams: Stiffens the cavity back of the club.
  • Reengineered Compression Channel: Accentuates the spring-like effect across the face.
  • FlexLoft2: Provides golfers with five lofts and three face angles, which translate, to 15 settings to choose from.
  • FlexFlight: Ability to manipulate the center of gravity through a high density weight called the FlightPod.

Available at all authorized Nike Golf outlets.


TaylorMade R15

$569 (Global Spec) $629 (Asian Spec) $729 (Tour Preferred)

The launch of the R15 is expected to be No.1 played driver on tour in 2015. Continuing to build on their technology, TaylorMade’s focus is on 2 key features, the first is adjustability with their new Front Track system for shot shape, and their loft-sleeve, which enables changes in face angle, lie angle and loft. The second change is the lowering and moving forward center of gravity, which promotes ball speed with less spin. A great option for golfers who want to have distance and flexibity in their driver.

Available at TaylorMade Concept Stores at Level 2 The Cathay and Toa Payoh Golf Range.


TaylorMade AeroBurner

$399 (Global Spec) $479 (Asian Spec) $559 (Tour Preferred)

The AeroBurner driver derives it name from the product’s aerodynamics in their quest to create faster driver speeds for maximum distance. The biggest advancement is the Speed Pocket, which is double the size to enhance the sweet spot, and the introduction of the Aero hosel which is small fin located at the heel to reduce drag. This would be a useful upgrade for those who like the simplicity of their RocketBallz or JetSpeed drivers.

Available at TaylorMade Concept Stores at Level 2 The Cathay and Toa Payoh Golf Range. 


Cobra Fly-Z Family

Cobra Fly-Z ($559), Fly-Z+ ($699) and Fly-Z XL ($469)

Flip it like it’s hot! That’s what Cobra’s latest Fly-Z tech does, giving two different flight paths in one club. Termed FlipZone, its front-to-back CG adjustable technology has a 15g weight set toward the front or back of the head located low on its sole. Front CG offers lower spin with more roll and back CG delivers 400rpm more spin and carry. Simple? Comes in 3 versions, the Fly-Z+, Fly-Z (460cc head) Fly-Z XL (draw bias).

Available at all authorized Cobra outlets.


Titleist 915


Titleist research has developed an exciting new technology called Active Recoil Channel (ARC) consisting of a wide sole channel strategically placed underneath the clubhead to help optimize weighting throughout the swing for uncompromising aerodynamics. Clubs without ARC technology have a rigid sole and deflect more in the crown at impact leading to higher spin. Reduced thickness up front also allows weight to be strategically placed in the back, resulting in a low and deep CG that provides ball speed preserving forgiveness. The high-speed face insert with a thick centre and radially thin perimeter in the heel and toe delivers more distance on off-centre hits. Surefit Tour hosel continues to offer 16 combinations of loft and lie angles for ultimate customization. Driver options are D2 (460cc) and D3 (440cc)

Available at all authorised Titleist outlets.


Yamaha Inpres RMX UD+ 2

Touted as the most forgiving irons from Yamaha, the Inpres RMX UD+2 irons

features a very hot SAE8655 face in the #5-PW range, with longer irons (#5-7) clubs sporting a new L-Unit Structure made of S45C forged steel for a powerful high launching trajectory while the wedges have a soft S20C face structure. A strong lofted set with a low centre of gravity that is forgiving and long. Imagine, a pitching wedge with 38-degrees loft? It’ll shock your playing partners for sure!

Available at all MST outlets.


Callaway Apex UT

The Callaway R&D team loaded up on technology and forged precision in the new Apex Utility Irons, ideal for golfers looking for a high technology alternative to hybrids or long irons. The traditional long iron shape is designed to deliver performance and a level of forgiveness and playability that go well beyond what you’d expect from a forged face, cavity back design. The Carpenter 455 Forged Face Cup—the same one used in Callaway fairway woods and hybrids—helps create higher ball speeds across the face to achieve the distance players are looking for. The sole weighting lowers the center of gravity making the utility irons are easier to hit and easier to launch. Each loft offering comes standard with a KBS Tour-V (steel). The UST Recoil 680 F4 Shaft (graphite) is available as a custom option. Available in 18, 21, 24 degree options.

Available at all authorized Callaway outlets.


Bettinardi Queen B6, B7 and Signature Series 10

Bettinardi is know for its’ high-performance PGA Tour proven putters. All putter are milled in Tinley Park, Illinois. The Queen B model 6 and 7 incorporates their Savannah Blue PCD finish, which features soft lavender and blue palette. The Signature Series 10 blade style putter features a two-tiered muscle and a high toe producing a deeper face, which allows the ball to match perfectly with the sweet spot.

Available at Golf & Leisure, Far East Shopping Centre, Level 2.


Odyssey Works Versa V-Line, Tank, and Arm Lock #1

Odyssey is launching their Odyssey Works range of putter with a new insert. The new Fusion RX Insert couples the White Hot insert backer with an ultra-thin stainless steel mesh, along with Odyssey’s patented Metal-X roll pattern. Their ability to combine the steel mesh for the roll and the insert for the soft feel now means that the putters are able to deliver both extreme roll and feel. Available in four models, Versa, V-Line, Tank and Arm Lock

Available at all authorized Callaway outlets.

The Better Pair

Ogio M13184 RACE


Fast, Refined, Clean Lines, Traction Control, Exotic Leather, Customizable…No we are not describing the car that you aspire to drive but the new Ogio Race shoe designed to raise adrenalines levels at first glance. Crafted from the most exotic supple leather and built on a stabilizing chassis outsole for maximum balance, the Race shoe was built for comfort, stability and for all of the attention that you are going to get. Customised contour fit provided by the Synkfit insole system with one-way air ventilation to keep your feet from overheating.


Available at GolfHouse outlets.


FJ Contour Series

$199/$215 BOA

It’s been around for a while, and usually, when something’s around long enough, it means it’s good stuff. Like FJ’s Contours Series shoes. Now, it comes with a new premium UltraSof ThinSpec full grain leather that is softer and thinner yet durable and breathable. With Fit-Bed to fit just about any feet shape, a SofCollar for ankle comfort and new TPU Stability Bridge for midfoot stability, its 3 Duramax rubber outsoles in the OptiFlex forefoot area means these new shoes are certainly made for golfing. lighter and more flexible.

Available in four colours at all authorized FJ outlets.


Nike Golf Lunar Control 3


There are demands of professional golfers. Then there are the demands of the world no. 1. In 2015, Nike launched this latest Lunar Control shoes to fit the extreme rotational force of Rory McIlroy’s swing. How? By adding an extra spike in the medial forefoot on the outsole and secondary traction elements improves stability around the perimeter, where the twisting occurs most. The Nike Lunar Control 3 also features a wider base to allow golfers to maintain contact with the ground for as long as possible through impact. A carbon fiber midfoot shank delivers lower, lighter and more stable control. Comes with Nike’s Flywire technology using robust cables to better secure the foot.

Available at all authorized Nike Golf outlets.


Puma TitanTour


Rickie Fowler’s shoes. Puma’s Tour Titan, pre-launched to the tune of Odyssey’s 2000 ‘first to land on the moon’ soundtrack features a revolutionary temperature-regulating Outlast Technology originally created for NASA’s spacesuits. Placed in its sockliner to proactively manage heat and moisture, these are guaranteed the most comfy shoes you’ll ever wear. Add to that a PowerFrame with an ultra thin TPU that is strong, light, flexible and stable, a new low-profile K5 cleat for increased wear-resistance, GripZone on the sole for unrivalled traction and stability and a new debris-release system that prevents debris build up so you don’t have to keep shaking grass off, this is easily the most exciting pair of golf shoes you’ll put on in a while.

Available at all authorized Puma outlets.

Cobra Puma Golf Unveils the Fly-Z Driver Family and TITANTOUR

On the 5th of February 2015, COBRA Golf showcased the latest in adjustable weight technology with the FLY-Z+ Driver which features all-new FlipZone weight technology – a revolutionary, moveable weight system engineered to provide two different flight paths in one club that enables maximum distance for any swing and any golfer.

The key to increased distance is the ultra-low centre of gravity (CG), the Fly-Z+ driver features the lowest CG of any adjustable weight driver on the market, embodied in COBRA’s new FlipZone weight technology that gives golfers the ability to move the low CG to the front or back position depending on their swing, to promote faster ball speeds, lower spin and optimal launch angles.

The new FlipZone provides golfers with two different flight paths in one head. The result is one unique, performance and technology driven golf club that is truly game changing.

The front CG position provides a mid-launch angle with ultra-low spin and a penetrating ball flight with more roll for maximum distance, while the back CG position delivers a mid-launch angle with 400 RPM’s of additional spin, resulting in a towering ball flight, maximum distance with more carry. 

The Fly-Z+ driver also features COBRA’s New Speed Channel Technology, which is an engineered trench around the perimeter of the face that works to minimize thickness, resulting in increased ball speeds across the face for incredible distance and more forgiveness. Forged E9 Zone Face technology removes weight from key areas behind the face and hosel to increase the size and speed of the sweet zone for more distance on off-centre hits. The Fly-Z+ Driver continues to utilize COBRA Golf’s game-changing MyFly8 and SmartPad, allowing golfers to select from multiple loft/trajectory settings to tune their game.

The Fly-Z+ driver (MSRP SGD869-Asian Spec, MSRP SGD699-Global Spec) is available in regular and stiff flex in four colours – Black, White, Blue and Orange. Additionally, COBRA will introduce a Green Fly-Z+ driver to market March, 2015. Available in right-handed model, the driver features a Graphite, authentic, after-market UST Attas 6 (Asian Spec) and Matrix VLCT ST (Global Spec) shaft and Lamkin-ACE 3GEN Crossline grip.


The Fly-Z Driver (MSRP SGD629-Asian Spec, MSRP SGD559-Global Spec) is engineered to deliver the ultimate blend of maximum distance and increased forgiveness. The low, back CG Zone Weighting delivers low spin, mid-high launch and fast ball speeds across the face. The Fly-Z Driver is one of the most forgiving drivers currently in the marketplace, yet it doesn’t sacrifice distance. MyFly8 technology allows golfers to choose from eight simple adjustable loft/trajectory settings (9.0o-12.0o) to maximize distance and manage trajectory while SmartPad delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting. The Fly-Z driver is available in four colors (Black, White, Blue and Orange) in RH in Regular and Stiff flexes. Featuring a 6-4 Titanium body with a Forged 6-4 Titanium face, Fly-Z driver comes with a graphite, Fujikura Speeder (Asian Spec) and Matrix VLCT SP (Global Spec) shaft and Lamkin REL 360 grip


The Fly-Z XL Driver is engineered to help make golf easier through higher draw-biased ball flights which deliver easy distance. A 460cc, all-titanium head features a slightly lower profile face combined with an offset hosel to deliver the trajectory often needed by seniors, women and beginning golfers. The Fly-Z XL driver, being the only offset driver in the marketplace, delivers up to 17.5 yards of draw bias. Note: Robot testing revealed that even vs. Fly Z in its draw position, the XL Driver offers 10.5 additional yards of draw bias, making this the perfect driver for slice correction or easy up. A high MOI sole geometry combined with an offset design makes the Fly-Z XL easier to hit straight by correcting slices, increasing stability and maintaining distance. Fly-Z XL (MSRP SGD469) features a Graphite, Fujikura COBRA (Asian Spec) shaft and is available in 10.5° in Regular flex in right-handed model


The TITANTOUR has been designed to be the coolest shoe in golf and features revolutionary, temperature-regulating Outlast® Technology along with a sleek, eye-catching silhouette for a tour performance golf shoe with industry-leading comfort and style.

The Outlast Certified Space Technology™ was originally developed for NASA to maintain a comfortable temperature in spacesuits and now, PUMA Golf brings this technology to the golf course with TITANTOUR. The strategic placement of Outlast in the sockliner top cloth is designed to proactively manage heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins. Foot temperature is regulated through phase-change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.

The TITANTOUR also features PowerFrame Technology – an ultra-thin TPU frame encases the EVA midsole for lightweight strength, extreme durability, increased flexibility and superior traction, combined with external TPU Heel Support, to provide greater stability and ground contact for additional force and power during a swing.

The upper and insole come equipped with ShapeLock memory foam for a customized fit, long-lasting comfort and cushioning with every step.

The TITANTOUR (SGD$309) is available in one colour combination—the new Flash colorway, made of reflective material.


Nike Golf unveiled Nike Vapor Driver to SE Asian market and Apparel Collection for Spring/Summer 2015

Mr. Ben Lewis, General Manager of Nike Golf SE Asia/Pacific, recently host some interesting events to introduce Nike Golf product line for 2015.  First, it was a dinner party to unveil Nike Golf Spring/Summer 2015 Apparel Collection at Phothalai Leisure Park, followed by the Launching of the Newest Nike Vapor Drivers at the Alpine Golf Club on the next day.

Nike Golf introduces new soft line products for Spring/Summer 2015 to promote maximum comfort, breathability, and mobility, the perfect gear for every playing condition. This new and exciting Nike collection inspires golf athletes to not only brave the elements, but also embrace them.

The ultimate goal of Nike Golf apparel is to help golf athletes perform their best. The key emphasis of Spring/Summer Collection 2015 is on ‘Supernatural Performance’ that delivers comfort, consistency, and confidence for modern golf athletes.

Golfers can play hot but stay cool with key features of Nike Sphere fabric of Major Moment Commander Polo to perform their best in hot and humid conditions, while Rib Knit collar with collar stay adds comfort and Crisp style. Nike Golf Spring/Summer Collection 2015 is designed for ultimate fit, comfort, and playability.

Female golf athletes can stay cool with Dri-Fit fabric of Nike Golf Tour Mesh Top that helps keep you dry, cool and comfortable.  Mini-Mesh back yoke further adds breathability where you need it most.  The Raglan sleeve design enhances mobility as you play, and No-Collar style works on and off the course.

On the following day, Nike Golf organized a golf tournament to introduce the newest Vapor Drivers to its 150 customers, business partners and Southeast Asian media.  There was also a demo session at a driving range prior to the golf game giving golfers a chance to try out not only the new set of Nike Vapor Irons, which was recently released to the market at the beginning of the month, but also the newest Vapor Drivers, which will be available in the Southeast Asian region in February 2015.

3 Vapor Drives Models has been launch exclusively for only invited guests and member of the media at the Golf Tournament including Vapor Drivers; Vapor Flex, Vapor Pro and Vapor Speed. Those three drivers have its technology and innovations that can fit with any golfers. 

Nike Vapor Flex driver features a RZN tube with a high-density weight on one end, called the flightpod, which is placed in the cavity of the club.  By adjusting the flightpod, golfers can actively move the center of gravity of the Vapor Flex driver to further optimize their launch paths and angles in addition to Nike’s key technology FlyBeams which stiffens the cavity back of the club; a re-engineered Compression Channel that accentuates the spring-like effect across the face to return energy to the golf ball and FlexLoft 2, which allows the golf athletes the functionality of five lofts and three face angles within 15 different settings.

All of these technologies were developed to drive more energy to the golf ball for more distance, regardless of the swing.

The Vapor Speed driver generates a higher launch angle with lower spin, creating pure distance. Nike’s Vapor Speed driver has the largest and most stable chassis of the new Vapor drivers. Black on the crown with the distinctive volt in the cavity back and Compression Channel, the Vapor Speed driver promotes a higher launch angle with lower spin.

New Vapor Pro driver provides pure distance with a Tour launch. The visually bold driver is black on the crown, volt in the cavity back and Compression Channel, and produces a penetrating, tour-launch with low spin and added speed across the face.

The Vapor Pro driver blends three key technologies: Nike’s new FlyBeam reinforced Covert Cavity Back design, a re-engineered Compression Channel and FlexLoft 2. All of these are vital to the golf athlete in achieving the ultimate result in hitting their window of distance, speed and launch conditions.

All Vapor Drivers will be available for Southeast Asian region on February 1, 2015


Vapor Consumer Reveal 



Vapor Energy Reveal